Sunday, September 7, 2014

Lebanese Christians preparing themselves for what is likely coming their way....

and guess who might come to their defense?  The very group that the Lebanese Christians and the Lebanese Sunni Muslims love to hate. Yes ... Hezbollah, the fighting force  that's designated as "terrorist" by several countries around the world might be the only force to keep ISIS/ISIL/IS/xyz from invading Lebanon.  

Off topic, but I wonder why Boko Haram has not been given that honor as yet?  Could it be that, that group is on the payroll of the powers-that-be who hold sway over us puny mortals?  Nah ... can't be?  Or could it, could it?

The vid below is supposed to show Lebanese soldiers falling into the hands of the terrorist army.  Ali Hashem, a credible source and the writer of the article below had it in his tweet today, so I am guessing it's authentic.

Ali Hashem writing at Al-MonitorLebanon:
Hezbollah prepares to fight IS in Lebanon  
Nothing in Lebanon suggests that better days are ahead. The new caliphate and caliph are both matters of confusion and concern to many. Even those who had never before thought about politics are now gravely concerned. 

“It’s the era of the caliphate,” Mohammed, a barber, tells me. Mohammed has never given much consideration to politics, and, in his words, is “a man on the edge of life. All I care about is working and enjoying.” Yet Mohammed and others like him have developed an interest in politics and security news. “I have five breaking-news applications on my phone. The Islamic State (IS) is at the borders — they have a bunch of our soldiers and already control part of Lebanon. They are a de facto power.”

Many Lebanese are still unable to differentiate between the extremist groups fighting in Syria. "They are all 'Daesh,'" says a customer at Mohammed’s barber shop, using the Arabic acronym for IS. "They slaughter people and want to make people look like them." The customer gives Mohammed a sarcastic smile, adding, "If they ruled our friend's work, they [would] want people to grow beards and hair." Everyone at the salon laughed, quite furiously.

The fact is, IS is less active on the Lebanese border than other extremist groups, even though the group is holding nine Lebanese army soldiers captive. IS has already beheaded two Lebanese soldiers: Abbas Medlej from Baalbek on Sept. 6, and Ali al-Sayyed from Akkar on Aug. 28.

A Lebanese security source told Al-Monitor: “The group on this side of the border is isolated and made up of dozens of militants who … defected from other factions and vowed allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi after [he announced] the establishment of the caliphate. … Many of those who took part in the Qusair battle against Hezbollah [were] scattered [at the time], and have now come together under the flag of IS. Yet they continue to be an IS franchise rather than a genuine extension of the self-styled state.”............

Mary Chastain writing at Breitbart:
Lebanese Christians are taking precautions as the Islamic State (ISIS) continues to terrorize Iraq and Syria. Men grabbed weapons and set out for the hills to prepare for an eventual attack by the terrorist group.

“We all know that if they come, they will slit our throats for no reason,” said one resident.

It is the first time civilians have picked up weapons in the nation since the end of the Lebanon civil war. The majority of these weapons come from communist militias and Hezbollah, the Associated Press notes, but Christians say they do not care if the weapons raise tensions in the country. They believe the threat is real and need to rely on self-defense.

Samir Geagea, a Lebanese politician running for president, spoke out against ISIS and urged everyone in Lebanon to unite.
“ISIS is a cancerous tumor that surfaced at first in parts of Iraq and Syria and it's still contained to a certain point and this can be removed only if we join our efforts via an international Arab alliance,” he said. “If they're trying to intimidate us then do not fear them. ... Those who faced major challenges and the likes of ISIS throughout history should not fear those today.”

ISIS does not have a strong presence in Lebanon, but the terrorist group pops up around the country. They attacked Arsal in August. It is a border town with 40,000 residents, but is also a city for Syrians who fled their civil war. The United Nations said over 1.1 million people registered as refugees in Arsal. One man said shelling burned down one refugee camp. The Lebanese Army fought off the terrorists, but ISIS managed to escape with Lebanon weapons and vehicles.....

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