Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Crimea seizes luxury hotel of Ukraine's oligarch, the key man responsible for the Odessa horror of May 2, 2014

I hope at least a part of the proceeds or profits from the running of the hotel, will go to the families of the victims of the Odessa horror of May 2, 2014.  Ihor Kolomoisky is suspected of being the key  degenerate who ordered the horrorfic massacre of 50+ pro-Russian protesters who had taken over the Labor Union Building in Odessa. Some of these unfortunate people were burned alive and others were pushed off from window sills while trying to escape the flames and those who managed to jump were set upon by neo-Nazis and beaten to death.  

The pic you see is of a heavily pregnant woman  inside the besieged building who was strangled by the murderous mob, probably even raped.

From BBC: Crimea seizes Ukraine oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky's hotel.  Russian-backed bailiffs in Crimea have seized a luxury seaside hotel complex linked to one of Ukraine's richest businessmen, Ihor Kolomoisky.
The Tavria sanatorium in Foros is owned by Mr Kolomoisky's bank PrivatBank.
Crimean prosecutors investigated Tavria because Mr Kolomoisky is suspected of financing "terrorism", the Russian daily Izvestia reports.
Russia annexed Crimea in March after its troops and local gunmen had seized key installations on the peninsula.

LiveLeak has countless pics of that horrorfic day which our Western media, 90% of which is controlled by just a handful of people, chose to ignore.  People died in a most terrible way and to not report this incident which has made such a deep mournful impact on the Ukrainian separatists, is another nail in the "credibility of the Western press" coffin. In a sane and just world we would call those who control the Western media "accessories to the crime." 

The governor of Odessa, who was none other than the despicable  Ihor Kolomoisky, actually congratulated the murderers for getting rid of the "terrorists" from the Labor Union building.  Right now, I believe his sorry ass is residing in one of his multi-million mansions in Switzerland.

More from the same article at BBC .... but they are way off mark on his real worth. The man has stashed billions in places no watchdog other than hopefully, Putin, can ever find.
Izvestia says an exclusive apartment complex   called Nautilus in Gurzuf, another Crimean seaside resort, is also at risk of seizure by bailiffs. The company which runs the complex, Edelweiss-2000, is a partner of PrivatBank.
Forbes business website estimates Mr Kolomoisky's fortune at $1.6bn (£964m). He has industrial assets as well as his banking business.
Since March, he has been in charge of Ukraine's eastern Dnipropetrovsk region, a centre of heavy industry. The oligarch funds a local militia whose job it is to prevent destabilisation by pro-Russian separatists.The fighting raging in neighbouring Donetsk and Luhansk regions has not spread to Dnipropetrovsk. But Donetsk separatists have ransacked branches of PrivatBank.Russia's annexation of Crimea was condemned internationally. For decades the port of Sevastopol has hosted Russia's Black Sea Fleet, but Crimea as a whole has been part of Ukraine since 1954......

GlobalResearch has done a comprehensive piece on the Odessa Massacre of May 2, with plenty of vids, pics and links. 
The tragic events in Odessa,  where neo-Nazi militants have burned alive at least 50 people, are already being called a new Khatyn. The parallels are so striking that this image instantly infiltrated the world’s consciousness. And the same perpetrators were responsible. The residents of Khatyn were incinerated by the 118th Nazi police battalion, made up of mostly Ukrainian military personnel from the Nachtigall and Roland police battalions under Abwehr command that were originally created with the assistance of Stepan Bandera. At the beginning of the war, Nachtigall was led by Roman Shukhevych, who later assigned his thugs to a new punitive unit. The residents of Odessa were killed in a fire set by a new generation of fascists who roam the streets of Ukrainian cities clutching portraits of Bandera and Shukhevych......

RT has more on the Odessa horror with vids which show how terrible that day was to those who died and the loved ones they left behind.

May Ihor Kolomoisky and his kind be stripped of every penny they have and may they and theirs die as horrorfic a death as they order their minions to commit on others.

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