Sunday, September 7, 2014

Al Jazeera pulls article of the beheading of two US journalists

The article had made it seem that the beheadings were staged. The start to at least one of the videos was staged, many experts have opined to that, but the article seemed to go beyond that and imply that the entire thing was rigged to give the USA an excuse to skip their way into Iraq and beyond.  This is not a case of just the Al Jazeera's journalists believing that USA is capable of such vile acts to attain its political goals,  it's an opinion shared by the majority of human beings on this planet. Remember the world's horror at Daniel Pearl's beheading? I don't recall any one raising any doubts about that beheading. We have come a long way from that day. USA's credibility has been sinking with each new day and it's never ever going to rise by even an inch from the sinkhole it has fallen into, it's only going to sink deeper and deeper into nowhere.  Even when the Americans are genuinely stating facts the way they see them, you will find less and less people outside America believing them.   It's the new norm... and the USA better get used to it.

Statement: Al Jazeera Arabic retracts US journalists article 

Al Jazeera Arabic, the sister channel of Al Jazeera English, has retracted an article from its website which suggested the beheading of two US journalists by the Islamic State group had been staged.

Al Jazeera Arabic’s managing director, Yasser Abu Hilalah, said in a statement on Saturday that the article was misleading.

“In respect to families of the victims and as we share their grief, Al Jazeera Arabic’s website decided to retract an inaccurate article that questioned the legitimacy of James Foley and Steven Sotloff’s beheading videos after a theory surfaced on a number of American social media sites claiming they were produced as a pretext ahead of a possible US invasion of Syria.

"We want to take this as an opportunity to reiterate Al Jazeera’s previous position in condemning the kidnapping of the two journalists and condemning their killing as a heinous crime.......

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