Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ukraine is breaking up and Novorussia is extending .... so let's look at a 75 year old map just before the last WW

The pro-Russian separatists, with Russia's help by way of weaponry and manpower, are now progressing even further from areas they were controlling until now. The last few days have seen heavy fighting with Ukrainian troops and mercenaries, including US mercenaries,(I hope there were no Canadians) killed in their hundreds, if not thousands.

Go to the link to get an interactive look at the map.  Just roll over the map for zoomed views.

Lily Rothman writing at Time:
This 75-Year-Old Map  Shows Europe ‘Ready for War’
A portrait of a world days away from combustion

The declarations had not yet come, but on Aug. 28, 1939, Europe already knew war was on its way. On that day, 75 years ago, the armies that would fight what became World War II had gathered.

Just how many soldiers that meant differed by nation, as TIME pointed out to its readers with the map below, which ran in the Sept. 4, 1939 issue. The annotated chart also provides evidence that, no matter how many men were under arms, there was no way for the continent to be entirely ready for what was to follow. In Poland, for example, President Ignacy Moscicki was said to have told Roosevelt that he was willing to negotiate with Germany. By the time Sept. 4 came around — the magazine arrived on stands before then— that willingness had already proved pointless......

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