Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Where in the world is Abu Bakr al Baghdadi ???????????

There has been a beheading, of an AMERICAN no less, staged or otherwise, by one of the thousands of minions of  the supposed Leader of  ISIS/ISIL/IS/xyz  ...  but just like Waldo,  Abu Bakr al Baghdadi is nowhere to be found.  Not at BBC, not at CNN, not at Reuters, not at AP,  not a single mention of him these days, not from anybody, anywhere. Nada, zilch, nothing.

Where are you dear Mr. Baghdadi?  Don't you want to come out and accept your due laurels for all the havoc you have created on behalf of your masters?  Come out, come out .... from wherever you are hiding.   Are you in Qatar, are you in Israel, are you in Saudi Arabia  or are you only in the imagination of those who plan to play a deadly game of chess in the Middle East?

Why haven't we heard from you or about you since early July, Mr. Baghdadi?  Have you already served your purpose?  Have you been forced into retirement with lotta M $s?  Have you been killed? 

The mysterious Mr. Baghdadi, the Houdini of ISIS/ISIL/IS/xyz. 
Abracadabra .... CLOSE sesame

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