Thursday, August 21, 2014

Reposted with an update: Did the Ukrainian government fire a tactical nuclear weapon on east Ukraine?

And, if this is not a nuclear weapon, what is it?  And, how did the Ukraine get such a weapon?  Has NATO started manning Ukraine.  This is escalating to a point where there won't be any going back  to   our world as we know it now. Recently,  I either read or heard somewhere that the Americans are desparate for war because after the war, a really big one,  their debt would have to be written off just like in any case of a failed corporation.  Knowing the madness that reigns down south, I am not pooh-poohing that opinion.

UPDATE Aug 21:  
The YouTube vid above that I had embedded yesterday is a cut and diced fraud from other videos. Either the You Tube poster knew it to be a fraud and still lied about it being fired on the separatist area in  east Ukraine or he was mislead as I was by his posting.  Mind you, the Ukrainian govt has been launching ballistic missiles and according to some accords, worst than those, at the separatist areas from early this month .... but the vid  I had embedded yesterday is not one showing proof of that. My apologies.
The links below are to two vids from July 2013 which show that that the explosion is from a Russian Proton-M rocket which failed on launch and exploded .... not into a building as the spliced and diced fraudulent vid of yesterday is showing, but into the ground.

Vid 1 from RT  
Vid 2 from Astrium Team  

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