Thursday, August 28, 2014

The even more intensified plight of Palestinians in Gaza after insane warlord Netanyahu's genocidal actions on helpless citizens and their infrastructure

Collective punishment that Israel metes out on the Gaza strip is one of the most shameful things that this our present world of today witnesses every few years. There can be no excuse for a nation whose military is, supposedly one of the most powerful in the world, to come down so hard on a small area holding 1.8 Million people, almost all of them helpless citizens and a large segment, children under 18 years old.  

The doublespeak from the Israelis and the Israeli supporters here in the West, whether they are from the Jewish diaspora or the Christian segments, is so vomit-inducing, some of us have already become dehydrated with the constant involuntary spewing every time we hear their whines or read their drivel. 

If one is a model citizen of the country one has adopted as one's own away from the "Jewish homeland" should one be so concerned about what's happening in that "homeland"? Moreover, it baffles me how these numbskulls don't realize that the Israeli massacres in Gaza, which result mostly in loss of innocent lives and just a sprinkling of the bad guys, goes on to create everlasting hatred within the hearts of the survivors and Muslims around the world, and that hatred extends from not only hating Jewish Israelis but all Jews everywhere. And, these same numbskulls cry "foul" at  the Jew-hatred being seen lately in the EU and elsewhere. "Why" is a question they won't ask of themselves. The pointing of fingers is always at the Muslims, but never when looking at oneself in the mirror.

Shouldn't one be patriotic to only the Western country one is now a citizen of?  I guess that is not possible for people of Jewish origin holding dual citizenship. That dual-citizenship thing should be abolished.  It's the stuff of traitor-making.  If I was the government,  I would definitely not employ people of dual citizenship to any post within the government body.  In Canada, we even have a leader of one of the three main political parties, the NDP, having his feet in two boats.... a Canadian dinghy and a French yacht.  We are going the way of Britainistan within the next decade or so.  Rules should be equal for each and every citizen. However, because the rules are lax for Jewish citizens, many of whom retain or obtain citizenship to Israel,  there are citizens of other countries too who claim the same privilege.  Yup ...  we have "Canadians" wobbling and rocking away with their feet in two boats.  Probably, millions of them.  Pretty good for Canada's future, eh?

Below are just 8 things from thousands more, the Gazans are gong  through.

Claire Manibog writing at UNICEF:
Children in Conflict  

8 Things You Need to Know About Gaza

1. Aug. 24 was the first day of school, but most children can’t go back.
The fighting has damaged at least 244 schools. Of those, 25 have been completely destroyed or severely damaged and are now unusable. Other schools can't be used for teaching because they are being used as shelters. More than 280,000 people displaced by the conflict are taking shelter in school buildings.

2. Gaza has one of the highest literacy rates in the region.
The State of Palestine has a 95% adult literacy rate, well above the regional average of 77%. Education is highly valued by families in Gaza.

3. Homes in Gaza get electricity for as little as two hours a day.
Gaza's only power plant has been struck five times since July 8 and is now no longer operating.

4. Gaza’s aquifer is 96% polluted by seawater.
....The recent conflict has damaged wells, pumping stations and sewage treatment plants. UNICEF's response includes installing 14 water access points and helping to repair damaged infrastructure.

5. More than 370,000 children have been directly affected by the conflict.
UNICEF estimates that more than 373,000 children have suffered an injury, the loss of a family member or the destruction of their homes. These children need immediate emotional and psychological support......

6. Gaza is full of unexploded ordnance.

7. UNICEF gets supplies into Gaza through a single crossing.
The Kerem Shalom crossing is the only commercial crossing into Gaza. UNICEF works with authorities on both sides to get lifesaving supplies such as vaccines, drugs for children and hygiene kits into Gaza in the most efficient ways possible, including buying locally.....

8. Youth unemployment is extremely high.

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