Sunday, August 31, 2014

Once again, Israel helps to keep ISIS/ISIL/IS/xyz safe from Assad's claws

What are partners in terrorism for, eh?  If terrorists don't stick together, who will, eh? Let's hope ISIS/ISIL/IS/xyz remembers to send benefactor Netanyahu a "Thank You" note for saving their butts in the Golan Heights.

Poor, sweet, innocent Israel.... always being forced to do things it does not desire to do.  Haven't we seen how Israel was forced to kill children and their mothers because Hamas was hiding behind cradles of infants and behind the skirts of the women?  Haven't we seen how Israel was forced to bomb power stations and hospitals  because Hamas had their tunnels under them, over them, in them, everywhere?  

And, yet Israel's despicable paid minions in the USA and UK have the gall to say that Assad is responsible for the growth of the terrorist army!

From TheTelegraph:
Israel was forced to shoot down a drone over its border with Syria as it faced the prospect of a wider intervention in the neighbouring civil war to end a hostage crisis in which jihadists are holding dozens of UN peacekeepers.
The capture of Fijian and Filipino troops in the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) by al-Qaeda affiliated rebels Jabhat Al Nusra last week has cast doubt over the future of the UN force on the disputed Golan Heights.......

.......The drone, believed to have been used by Damascus to monitor the rebels, infiltrated Israeli space from Syria before it was shot down by a surface to air Patriot missile.........

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