Monday, August 25, 2014

America is on a decline because it has too many numbskulls like Marie Harf ....

both in Washington and in their "think tanks" who can't think beyond the bribes and the commissions they will get for saying the inane insane stuff they say and the actions they recommend.  Watch the video and see what this empty headed bimbo who has, by some trickery which has nothing to do with what's inside her skull, managed to get a high profile job at the White House, says about Assad having "allowed ISIS to grow" and because of that he cannot be considered as a partner to fight against ISIS. Yes, these kind of harebrained people are the people who take us to wars and are responsible for the deaths and destruction of millions of innocent people.  

I just couldn't bring myself to listen to more than a few minutes of this bitch's nonsense.  No thinking individual should be made to go through the torture of doublespeak from disgusting individuals like this beast of a woman.

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