Monday, August 25, 2014

Situation Report August 22 -25 on the Saudi Arabia wahhabism inspired terrorist army

A few extracts from the Situation Report on Iraq and related stuff  Aug 22 - 25

From TheVineyardSaker blog
August 22nd to 25th Iraq SITREP  by Mindfriedo: An eye for eye

22nd Aug: Abu Musa, spokesperson for Daash, is killed in Syria during an assault on the Taqba military base: 
Abu Musa had also appeared on several videos documenting Daash on Vice News. 

23rd Aug: Musab Al Sinjeri a Daash commander in Diyal is killed along with his assistant Khalid al Dulaimi by the Iraqi Security Forces. 
23rd Aug: Three people are killed and nine injured in a suicide bomb attack on the headquarters of the Intelligence Services in Baghdad. 

23rd Aug: Yazidi volunteer fighters ambush a three vehicle convoy of Daash near Sinjar Mountain and kill the occupants of all three vehicles they destroyed. The Yazidis also recovered arms and ammunition from the vehicles. 
Ambushes and retaliatory attacks by Yazidi fighters are forcing Daash to carry out most of its activities after dark. 

24th Aug: A car bomb targets a Shia area of Baghdad on Sunday killing 3 and wounding 15 
24th Aug: Iraqi Forces repel an assault on the Baiji refinery north of Tikrit. The Iraqi Air Force attacks assaulting militants and bombs one of the buildings in which they took shelter. 
The Iraqi forces claimed to have destroyed 4 tanks and 6 vehicles being used in the assault

25th Aug: Daash gets paid in kind: A car bomb, the first of its kind in Mosul, goes off outside one of the Daash headquarters in New Mosul, Mosul. The number of casualties is reported to be high but unverified. 
25th Aug: Two bombs explode in the Shia city of Karbala in south Iraq, one at a transportation hub, and leave many dead and injured. 
25th Aug: Ten Shia worshippers are killed and 25 injured in Baghdad when a suicide bomber blew himself up inside a Shia Hussanieh in Baghdad. 

25th Aug: The Egyptian Dar al Ifta launches a campaign to ban the use of the term “Islamic State” and is asking the international community and Muslims to refer to it instead as “QSIS” (Al Qa'ida Separatists in Iraq and Syria). 

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