Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Warmongering ghoul from the Brookings Institution

Warmongering ghouls from the Brookings Institution are  just like the warmongering planners from The Rand Corporation. These are the degenerates who live off the blood and gore of innocent human beings because wars and only wars can make these ghouls richer than they already are.  War is a business for these satanic fiends and the more intense the war and in more places around the globe, the more money they make by way of commissions from armaments manufacturers and all the loot that warfaring USA grabs by way of concessions on oil and gas fields,etc. Unbelievable how these psychopaths lie about wanting to bring peace, prosperity and general goodwill to the citizens of whichever nation they set their eyes on.  Brookings Institution is supposed to be a "non-profit" organization ... yeah, right!  And cows can fly.

All these lunatics conveniently forget that, in the case of east Ukraine where the Kiev govt. is blowing civilians into chunks of meat, the majority of the people of that region held a referendum and chose to separate from Ukraine.  Is that so difficult to understand. 

Nathan Gardels from WorldPost writes:
Russia Has Already Invaded Ukraine: Strobe Talbott  

Strobe Talbott, one of America's top Russia experts who translated Nikita Khrushchev's memoirs into English, was Deputy Secretary of State from 1994-2001. He is presently President of the Brookings Institution. He spoke with WorldPost editor Nathan Gardels on Monday, August 18:

WorldPost: How should the West respond if Putin actually invades Ukraine?

Strobe Talbott: They have already invaded Ukraine. I find it maddening and incomprehensible how governments and the media keep talking about the possibility, the danger, the threat of Russia invading.

Russia invaded Ukraine early in the spring. They started with the so-called "little green men" -- Russian soldiers without insignia on their green uniforms -- then proceeded with uniforms with epaulets and the annexation of Crimea. Russia has been the force behind, and on the ground, with the separatists in eastern Ukraine.

It is an invasion that is already well in place. It is detrimental to managing the situation to play along with the transparent falsehood that the Russians are putting out that they have not invaded Ukraine..........

......WorldPost: What is Putin ultimately after?

Talbott: It is only a slight oversimplification to say that what Putin is after is a rollback of the reforms that were instituted by Mikhail Gorbachev and then picked up and advanced by Boris Yeltsin.

In these back-to-back tenures of the last president of the Soviet Union and the first president of post-Soviet Russia, Gorbachev and Yeltsin, over a period of 20 years, put Russia on a new and promising track -- promising for Russia itself.

The basic components of those reforms were to open up Russian society, democratize and federalize the old Soviet Union so there was accountability and a sense among citizens that they had a say in the composition of the policies of their government. Their reforms aimed to get rid of the "big lie" -- hoodwinking the Russian people and masking what Russia was up to around the world. Substituting "glasnost" -- or transparency -- continued by the "open society" of Yeltsin.

In foreign policy, they abandoned as a losing cause the aggressively competitive zero-sum attitude toward the outside world and instead sought to follow a policy of partnership with the West and the international community.

All that is now in jeopardy and nullified by Putin. That is not just dangerous, as we are seeing in the Ukraine, but also bad for Russia in the long term...........

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