Saturday, August 16, 2014

UN's Security Council spends the world's money on drafting a resolution on ISIS/ISIL/IS/xyz

Few extracts below from the Draft Resolution issued by UN's Security Council .... not that it nor the UN as a whole has any bite.  You will  get more of a nibble from a  new born, toothless, blind kitten than from this useless org.  UN and the Vatican .... same, same.  Filthy rich but totally useless.   

What use is the UN when the countries that do the most damage in the world carry on doing their worst regardless of what the UN says about them? There are no decent countries in the world any more. Decent countries would have taken to heart criticism levelled at them from the UN and tried to mend their ways. The time of decent, law abiding, human rights respecting nations has long gone and that being the case, the UN becomes redundant.

Keep in mind that this is the Draft Resolution.  Usually, very minor changes are done before they post the finalized version to their website.
Will the UNSC remember to send the finalized version to two of the biggest funds and arms suppliers to jihadis ... the USA and Saudi Arabia?  Hah!

Draft UN Security Resoution
OP6. Reiterates its call  upon all States to take all measures as may be necessary and appropriate and in accordance with their obligations under international law to counter incitement of terrorist acts motivated by extremism and intolerance perpetrated by individuals or entities associated with ISIL, ANF and Al-Qaida and to prevent the subversion of educational, cultural, and religious institutions by terrorists and their supporters; 

Foreign Terrorist Fighters
OP8 Calls upon all Member States to take national measures to suppress the flow of foreign terrorist fighters to, and bring to justice, in accordance with applicable international law, foreign terrorist fighters of, ISIL, ANF and all other individuals, groups, undertakings and entities associated with Al-Qaida, reiterates further the obligation of Member States to  prevent the movement of terrorists or terrorist groups, in accordance with applicable international law, by, inter alia, effective border controls, and, in this context, to exchange information expeditiously, improve cooperation among competent authorities to prevent the movement of terrorists and terrorist groups to and from their territories, the supply of weapons for terrorists and financing that would support terrorists;

OP9. Encourages all Member States to engage with those within their territories at risk of recruitment and violent radicalisation to discourage travel to Syria and Iraq for the purposes of supporting or fighting for ISIL, ANF and all other individuals, groups, undertakings and entities associated with Al-Qaida; 

OP10. Reaffirms its decision that States shall prevent the direct or indirect supply, sale, or transfer to ISIL, ANF and all other individuals, groups, undertakings and entities associated with Al-Qaida from their territories or by their nationals outside their territories, or using their flag vessels or aircraft, of arms and related materiel of all types including weapons and ammunition, military vehicles and equipment, paramilitary equipment, and spare parts for the aforementioned, and technical advice, assistance or training related to military activities, as well as its calls for States to find ways of intensifying and accelerating the exchange of operational information regarding traffic in arms, and to enhance coordination of efforts on national, subregional, regional and international levels; 

Terrorist Financing 
OP11. Reaffirms its resolution 1373 (2001) and in particular its decisions that all States shall  prevent and suppress the financing of terrorist acts and refrain from providing any form of support, active or passive, to entities or persons involved in terrorist acts, including by suppressing recruitment of members of terrorist groups and eliminating the supply of weapons to terrorists

OP12.  Recalls its decision in resolution 2161 (2014) that all States shall ensure that no funds, financial assets or economic resources are made available, directly or indirectly for the  benefit of ISIL, ANF, or any other individuals, groups, undertakings and entities associated with Al-Qaida, by their nationals or by persons within their territory, and reaffirms its decision in resolution 1373 (2001) that all States shall prohibit their nationals or any persons and entities within their territories from making any funds, financial assets or economic resources or financial or other related services available, directly or indirectly, for the benefit of persons who commit or attempt to commit or facilitate or participate in the commission of terrorist acts, or for the benefit of entities owned or controlled, directly or indirectly, by such  persons and of persons and entities acting on behalf of or at the direction of such persons.

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