Friday, August 15, 2014

Fog of War .......... Part 2 ............. August 15

Nothing is what it's reported to be, nothing is what it looks like. Sifting through the propaganda, fake pictures, false stories and narratives written with  ulterior motives, is a time-consuming task.  
About those 1700 Iraqi soldiers executed by ISIS as claimed ... I won't believe it unless the Iraqi govt. says it's a fact.  That number is simply unbelievable.  ISIS/ISIL/IS/xyz or whatever the fuck they claim to be, could have slaughtered maybe a couple of hundred soldiers, and if  thousands of soldiers are indeed missing, they are not really missing .... they must have joined the wahhabi army as fore-planned.  The ones who got slaughtered must have been the Shiites.

From France24:
...Citing an Iraqi parliamentarian,   several websites claimed that hundreds of women from the Yazidi community had been sold as slaves after the capture of Sinjar at the beginning of August. One photo showing women chained and veiled spread on social networks and was taken as proof of the claim. It turns out that this image was taken during a Shiite procession in the town of Nabatieh, in southern Lebanon, in 2013........

...........At the end of July, a representative of the United Nations in Iraq claimed that ISIS had ordered the genital mutilation of all the women and young girls living in the Mosul region. The claim was founded on the basis of a ‘fake fatwa’ that had been circulating online for several months and which references the cities of Aleppo and Azaz in Syria.

Other extravagant claims have been circulating online: ISIS has reportedly, for example, ordered farmers to hide cows’ udders because they’re deemed ‘indecent’. The news hasn’t been confirmed, and so far no image of hidden udders has been published. The rumour has, however, given rise to all kinds of mocking photomontages on social networks.

On the territories that it controls, ISIS applies an extreme interpretation of sharia law. Those who drink alcohol or smoke are whipped, and those who consume drugs are executed. ISIS has, moreover, claimed responsibility for several massacres. On June 13, 1700 Shiite prisoners belonging to the Iraqi army were executed in Tikrit. At the beginning of August, an American media outlet published pictures of several decapitated Syrian soldiers, the heads of whom were fixed to posts in the town of al Raqqa, the jihadist group’s self-proclaimed capital. In this same town, two women accused of adultery were stoned in mid-July. And in September 2013, the islamists attacked and ransacked two churches, under the pretext that the bell chiming disturbed them during prayer time...........

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