Friday, August 15, 2014

Fog of War ............ Part 1 ........ August 15

Me thinks Russia is gonna take East Ukraine using the very same doublespeak that we hear so often from the USA and Israel.  We gotta all learn this new important language.... it sure sounds pleasant to the ears.

From Channel4:
Ukraine 'destroys' part of Russian military column.   
President Petro Poroshenko told British Prime Minister David Cameron about the attack on Friday, according to a statement on the presidential website.

David Cameron is "gravely concerned" at reports of Russian military vehicles crossing the Ukrainian border, according to the prime minister's spokesman.

A Ukrainian military spokesman also said that Ukrainian forces had tracked the Russian vehicles as soon as they crossed the border. "Appropriate actions were undertaken and a part of it no longer exists," the spokesman told journalists. 

Russia denied its forces had entered Ukraine, and its foreign ministry accused Ukraine of attempting to disrupt delivery of humanitarian aid to eastern Ukraine and called for a ceasefire in the region. The Russian defence ministry said Ukraine had not destroyed an armoured column.

Ukrainian forces have escalated their attempts to regain control in the region, sensing that pro-Russian separatists are on the back foot. ......

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