Friday, August 29, 2014

NATO not able to counter any form of Russian adventurism ... says ex-deputy supreme commander of NATO

This is a great news for armaments making entities. They probably wanted this very result.  Watch how the EU countries and other members of NATO rush to place orders for new WMD.  

Actually, I find this very odd.  How would it be possible that NATO which includes the USA's military might, be helpless in defending Western Europe?  Does he mean NATO without the USA? Strange!   IMO, this is a calculated statement to get all NATO members to put in their equal share and not have to rely only on the USA, France, Germany, UK, Canada and Australia. Trust the Brits to be subtle to the core.  No wonder the Muslims have taken over their country because they never tell you openly and clearly what it is they are saying or want from you. 

From ITV:
Nato 'unable to defend western Europe against Russia'  

Western Europe would not be able to defend itself against Russian intervention because of the progressive dismantling of military capability, one of Britain's most senior generals has warned.

In a wide-ranging interview with BBC's Newsnight, General Sir Richard Shirreff called on Nato to rearm if it was serious about defending itself in the future.

Asked about the crisis in Ukraine, he said: "The reality is that Nato would be very hard pressed and they would find it very difficult to put into the field, at sea or into the air the means required, particularly on land I would assess, to counter any form of Russian adventurism."

Currently just four out of the 28 Nato members spend more than the minimum target of 2% of GDP on defence.

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