Saturday, August 30, 2014

How the BBC expunges the failures and the suffering going on in Libya ....

that total and utter failure there is primarily because the satanic forces in NATO want to break up break up countries whose leaders are considered not to be bending to the will of the satanic ones. Why only Libya, BBC also expunges all the suffering and the utter horror going on in Syria.  We all know that the UK was instrumental in training anti-Gadhafi elements just as we all know that the USA and her allies are responsible for the wahhabi terrorist army now rampaging in the Middle East.

BBC Expunges Libya’s Suffering.
On 27 August 2014, Tarek Mitri, Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, delivered a farewell address to the Security Council. Mitri began his remarks with ‘[c]onservative figures for those displaced … estimated at over 100,000, with at least another 150,000, including many migrant workers, [who] have sought refuge abroad and fled the country’. That’s the per capita equivalent of 2.5 million Britons driven from their homes by violence.

‘There is a general deterioration of living conditions. Food, fuel, water and electricity are in short supply. The departure of foreign medical staff and shortages in medical supplies has rendered the plight of civilians more critical’, Mitri continued. ‘The damage inflicted on public installations in Tripoli’s southern and western sections – including the airport, the main oil depot, roads and bridges – is nothing less than tragic’.......

.....Britain has a pivotal role in Libya’s suffering, having secretly trained and armed anti-Gaddafi elements as early as October 2010 in preparation for the dictator’s overthrow. Until 2010, Gaddafi was an ally, but his refusal to implement ‘reforms’ in—i.e., privatisation of—the energy sector meant that his days were numbered. Islamic terrorist groups featured in, but were not the focus of, Mitri’s address. The much bigger critique was the collapse of the State, resulting from NATO’s 2011 illegal, ‘humanitarian’ bombing.

The BBC’s report, however, is centred around the Islamic groups, as if they are the sole cause and origin of the current crisis. The BBC’s article, ‘UN to impose sanctions on Libyan militia leaders’, makes absolutely no mention of the 250,000 displaced persons, the ‘general deterioration of living conditions’, or the ‘critical … plight of civilians’ noted by Mitri. See, instead how the BBC reports Mitri’s address:
‘Recent clashes have centred on the international airport in the capital, Tripoli, which is now under the control of militias from Misrata and other cities operating under the banner Libya Dawn, including some Islamist groups.
They took it from the hands of a Zintan-based militia, despite alleged air strikes carried out by Egypt and the UAE targeting the Islamist-linked group’

Notice in the BBC’s rendering the absence of humanitarian context, the omission of State crimes, and any mention of the refusal of both militias and government to adopt ceasefire proposals.

Prior to and during ‘Operation Unified Protector’, the BBC championed NATO’s destruction of Libya, in which 50,000 people died, according to figures given by the Western-installed puppet regime (see note 2). That is the per capita equivalent of 500,000 Britons. Thus it is only to be expected that the BBC’s report would expunge Mitri’s rendering of Libya’s new ‘democracy’. Mitri said: ‘Many Libyans continue to be sceptical of the political process in their country and frustrated with their political elites. Low participation in the two recent elections is an indication of such erosion of credibility’. This defies media lies concerning Libyans’ supposed appreciation of NATO..........

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