Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What Michel Chossudovksy said a year ago, makes a lot more sense now

If you have been wondering why the recent focus on Syria, wonder no more.  Listen to Michel Chossudovsky's interview here of more than a year ago.  At that time,  the Assad regime had almost defeated the "opposition" of "moderate jihadis" armed and funded by the USA and her allies. That was a big "NO, NO" for the powers-that-be and what we are seeing today, the sudden rise to unpredictable heights of a herebefore almost defeated terrorist group is because that group got additional backing and every help possible to venture into Iraq and rampage around killing anybody and everybody, whether they be soldiers, Shiites, innocent Yazidis and Christians ... it didn't matter, as long as the world got itself in a tizzy  and gave the USA a pass to do to Syria what they had in mind to do to it all along.  

Also, note what Choussudovsky says about the nations involved in the insurgency, how they would have to bear the burden to build up all that has been destroyed .... do you think these rogue nations want to do that? They would rather that the refugees now inside the borders of some of these nations be funded by the world than help Syria to rebuild.  They would rather spend their own money and manpower in destroying Syria.

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