Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Did the Ukrainian government fire a tactical nuclear weapon on east Ukraine?

And, if this is not a nuclear weapon, what is it?  And, how did the Ukraine get such a weapon? Has NATO started manning Ukraine.  This is escalating to a point where there won't be any going back to  the world as we know it now. Recently, I either read or heard somewhere that the Americans (the ones who will stay out the war in bunkers deep beneath the ground) are desperate for war because after the war, a really big one, where entire areas of the USA might be in ruins, their debt would have to be written off just like in a case where a corporation or a company fails, declares bankruptcy and all is forgiven. America will never be able to pay off the trillions in debt it owes, and a big war is the only option for the country to start anew.  But, at the loss of how many people?  Knowing the madness that reigns down south, I am not pooh-poohing that opinion.

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