Thursday, December 8, 2011

The terrorfilled world of the stark raving horror of islam ....

in Somalia and everywhere else.  And yet, most disgracefully, our Conservative govt. continues to import thousands of muslims into Canada. Our overlords just don't seem to understand the implications of what will happen when the muslim population in Canada reaches that certain percentage when they start behaving like the loons they really are but hide that trait extremely well when amongst infidels they cannot control as yet.

What are you doing to Canada and to us, O mighty and powerful Jason Kenney????  It would be wise for our Immigration Minister to listen carefully to this vid where a Copt tells Michael Coren how the muzzie machinery works.

In Somalia, the horrors continue.
Somalia's hardline Islamist group al Shabaab has publicly whipped women for wearing bras they say violate Islam by constituting a deception, north Mogadishu residents said on Friday.

The insurgent group, which seeks to impose a strict form of sharia Islamic law throughout Somalia, amputated a foot and a hand each from two young men accused of robbery earlier this month. They have also banned movies, musical ringtones, dancing at wedding ceremonies and playing or watching soccer.

Residents said gunmen had been rounding up any woman seen with a firm bust and then had them publicly whipped by masked men. The women were then told to remove their bras and shake their breasts.

"Al shabaab forced us to wear their type of veil and now they order us to shake our breasts," a resident, Halima, told Reuters, adding that her daughters had been whipped on Thursday.

"They first banned the former veil and introduced a hard fabric which stands stiffly on women's chests. They are now saying that breasts should be firm naturally, or just flat."

Officials of Al Shabaab, which Washington says is al Qaeda's proxy in the failed Horn of Africa state, declined to comment.....

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