Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pakistani Uncle Toms, Arab Uncle Toms, Indonesian and Malaysian Uncle Toms ... and Aunt Jemimas too

That's what CAIR says about muslims who desire to live peacefully with us.

CAIR has it's offices in Canada too. I wonder what CAIR is doing in Canada and  do Canadian muslims really think they need this monstrosity on our shores?

Canadian muslims should insist that the offices of CAIR Canada should be shut down with immediate effect. Look what CAIR is saying about muslims who want to assimilate and live peacefully with infidels.  If you agree with CAIR, then you will not request the Govt. of Canada to close CAIR's offices here.  Let's see what you really are made of !!!

These days we have Pakistani Uncle Toms, Arab Uncle Toms, we have Uncle Toms masquerading as imams, Indonesian and Malaysian Uncle Toms. And we need to call them out. And these people are trying to speak on behalf of the community. … We as a community should rise up and say this Uncle Tom and Aunt Jemima does not represent the interests of the [mosques] and Arab organizations.

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