Friday, December 23, 2011

Female nudity as a "up yours" to Islam ?

If muslima exhibitionists can take up the call to tell islamists, in their own nudist verbage, that they should be bound and gagged and thrown into loony bins for keeps ..... then yeah ... why not let the exhibitionists show their all?  Personally, I look down on any person who is reduced to showing their nakedness for gaining attention or earning their keep, but if their actions are driving the loonies more loonier .... then it works for me.  So.... carry on ladies !!  Strip away.

Phyllis Chesler at PJMediaShould she wear a burqa — or should she wear very short skirts and a low-cut blouse?

Should she wear a headscarf and a shapeless, floor-length garment — or should she pose naked for Playboy magazine?

Do either of these extremes exemplify free as opposed to forced choices? Is either clothing extreme an expression of independence, resistance, or individuality?

In the last year, three Muslim women have posed nude or nearly nude in the media....

h/t: Pam

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