Thursday, December 22, 2011

When the clouds of war gather .... flex your missiles

The last few years have been great for armament companies, more so for those of  the USA and Russia. I wonder how much stock Soros owns in these companies.

Syria: ... Western diplomats said Assad’s military fired new missiles and other weapons acquired from Moscow in late 2011 during an exercise that took place on Dec. 20. They said the new weapons included the P-800 Yakhont cruise missile, which arrived in November. “This was a warning to Turkey and NATO to keep out of Syria,” a diplomat said. This marked the second major military exercise by Syria in less than a month. But the diplomats said the latest exercise was much larger than the first interservice maneuvers.........

North Korea: ....The most likely explanation, some U.S. officials told Fox News, is that the "pre-planned" launch might have been moved up to coincide with the regime change to project a message of "we're still here" to regional powers and the world. The missiles were the North Korean equivalent of Russian SS-21 missiles, which were fired from the back of a vehicle. They have a range of roughly 75 miles, a senior U.S defense official told Fox News........

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