Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mauritanians are passionately panting for the Caliphate to reach their shores

Saudi Arabia's poisonously evil tentacles have reached yet another African country. Although the population there seems to be almost 100% muslim, it used to be the type known by infidels as "moderate" but that all changed about five years ago when the Saudi magic machine that turns muslims into terrorists, reached there and planted itself firmly in that country. This nation is now set to become another Somalia. Although, the West knows that Saudi Arabia is the root of the most extremist extremism in the cult of islam, they still continue to lick the dirty soles of the Saudis. Money rules the world, not morals nor character. And, woe is us because we the people have placed these morons to places of power in our governments.

The caliphate's blueprint for the takeover is beautifully mapped out.... you gotta give them that. 

.....They called for shutting down "the dens of vice, brothels and liquor stores" as well as banning porno websites. Movement members also argued for "establishing moral police". They enjoined Muslims women to wear the niqab and traditional Islamic dress in Mauritania called melhafa.

Slavery is rampant in Mauritania. The arabs, especially from Saudi Arabia, own Mauritanians as slaves.

The traditionalists drew their inspiration from the discourse of public mufti and imam of al-Saudi Mosque Ahmed Ould Lemrabet, who in November called for establishing a committee for the promotion of virtue and the prevention of vice......

Yup .... one by one, the countries of the world are either queueing up to join the caliphate or are being shackled and dragged to it Will Canada let itself be pulled into the black hole of islam?

via: ROP

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