Thursday, December 22, 2011

Follow the dirty money and you will find yourselves in Saudi Arabia

We have to keep an eye on how the muslim groups and the leftish groups coordinate with each other to paint those of us who criticize them as loons and bigots. Their wings are far-spread and becoming stronger by the day and all because the present US administration in the WH is wholly under the influence of Saudi Arabia. Even after the world has seen Obama bow almost to the ground when hailing his master and benefactor, the Saudi King, we seem to dismiss what a candid photograph has shown, especially after Obama purposely started bowing to all and sundry to mitigate the effects of the first low, low, low, b(l)ow.

The link below is the 6th part of a long series at the RightSideNews. Worth reading in full when you have the time.  

...In addition to official state opposition to the criticism of Islamization and sharia, there exists a wide range of ostensibly private organizations arrayed against those who resist Islamization. A brought coalition of Islamic groups and radical left-wing organizations, especially from the anarchist and anti-globalist Left, is frequently brought to bear against groups that publicly declare their differences with Islam.

In Europe the left-wing side of the coalition often includes rank-and-file members of the Socialists, the Social Democrats, the Communists, Labour, and other parties of the traditional socialist Left. Members of Labour parties have been observed marching arm-in-arm with Islamic groups while some of their fellow demonstrators could be heard in the background chanting “Hamas! Hamas! Jews to the gas!” The Labour Party in Norway — the same party whose younger members Anders Behring Breivik targeted for death on Ut√łya — strongly backs Hamas, and has suggested that the terrorist group should be supported with Norwegian taxpayers’ money.

Opposition to the Israeli “occupation” and strong support for Hamas and Hezbollah go hand-in-hand with widespread anti-Semitism on the European Left. Opponents of sharia and mass immigration are generally labeled “neo-Nazis” and “fascists”, but the uncomfortable truth is that anti-Semites are overwhelmingly found on the Socialist Left. Support for Israel is one of the common characteristics of the anti-Islamization parties in Europe. In Belgium, for example, the Islam-critical party Vlaams Belang is the only major party that staunchly defends Israel’s right to exist........

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