Friday, December 23, 2011

UN = Useless Nitwits .... pays homage to murderer

It didn't surprise me and if you have been not blind to the antics of the UN the past several years, then it won't surprise you either. You will just sigh and reflect on how corrupt and totally useless the UN has become but you will not be shocked by anythng that the UN does.... they have gone beyond the pale and there's no coming back to any semblance of sanity for the organization.

...None of that excuses the depraved act of the UN honoring a man whose rule was responsible for abominations and atrocities inflicted by Kim Jong Il and his regime during Kim’s 17 years in power, or for that matter Kim’s long prior career under his father of engineering terrorist acts such as bombings and abductions abroad. For the UN to pay any tribute to Kim Jong Il is to insult the million or more Koreans who died of famine, the hundreds of thousands consigned to Kim’s prison camps, and the many millions more leading lives of grotesque fear and deprivation — all as the cost of Kim’s rule.....

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