Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Coyote ugly Al Qaeda nut to Libya's new masters: "Hold on to your weapons and adopt shariah or else."

It's a joy when one's predictions fall into place, one by one, just like finding the important pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Wonder if there's a drop of that Nostradamus's blood in little old moi.  Nah ... just a lot of commonsense. 

So ... now the question that begs to be asked is this:
What's gonna happen to all the moolah our Canadian govt is sending to Libya to recover the weapons and disarmament of same? Huh ... Mr.Govt ... what now ?!! What happens now to our 10Millions dollars? Down the drain like every penny going to muslim lands ?   The Liberals were bad and the Conservative govt is no better.

Senior Al-Qaeda militant Abu Yahya al-Libi urged Libyans who defeated the regime of Moamer Gathafi to hold on to their weapons and implement sharia law, in a video released Monday.

In the October 29 video, Libi praised Libyan rebels for the fall of Gathafi's "ruined regime," urging them not to heed Western calls to put down their weapons, the US-based SITE Intelligence Group said.

"Abandoning the weapons that were one of the reasons of your liberation from a deadly slavery that lasted for more than four decades during which Gathafi was torturing you severely, means simply returning to slavery in a new garment and surrendering to arrogant tyrants, domestic or foreign, who will rob you of your will and control your freedom," he said, according to a SITE translation.......

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