Saturday, December 10, 2011

"A man's honour lies between the legs of a woman"

Not between the hind legs of a goat? Or the round rump of a donkey?  You can knock me down with a feather ... I tell you.  I am that shocked.

Christie Blatchford continues with her excellent reporting on what some of the imported muslims do in Canada.

....Mojab, a political refugee from Iran, is a University of Toronto professor who was testifying as an expert in honour killing and its relationship to "culture, religion, patriarchy and violence against women in the Middle East and the diaspora across the world."

Multilingual, she has conducted original research, written hundreds of scholarly articles and chapters, and co-edited a 2004 book called Violence in the Name of Honour.

She acknowledged her perspective is that of an advocate and a feminist, but also said flatly that there is "no serious debate about the phenomenon" in academia, only arguments about its forms and "how to name it and how to deal with it."

In patriarchal cultures such as Afghanistan's, Mojab said, "cleansing one's honour of shame is typically handled by the killing of a loved one," almost always female, with the murderer often ending up being "respected as a true man."

"What masquerades as 'honour' is really men's need to control women's sexuality," she told Ontario Superior Court Judge Robert Maranger and a jury......

Ezra Levant on the new breed of Canadians imported by our overlords from their caves in muslim countries and how these cavemen delight in killing their daughters.

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