Friday, December 23, 2011

AHH HAH !! Now the US sees the benefit in befriending India instead of India's mad dog neighbours ?

A little birdie tells me that the USA is all goody goody to India because they want to build inroads via two of  India's states (actually already started) that will bypass the failed nation of Pakistan altogether and reach Afghanistan without the blowing up of supply trucks by mad Pakistanis and their Taliban murderers.... so cut the crap of giving 1 Trillion to India for the crappy excuse of infrastructure development.

Just like how "investments" are funneled to Israel in return for their brain power in inventions, discoveries, research and science so also will "investments" be funneled to India in return for giving access to the Americans to go via India to Afghanistan and "other places". Don't believe the bullcrap about "investments" and "funds". They are not doing it because they have suddenly realized that they have a heart for Hindus too, not just Muslims. They are paying the rental and road tax  for ingress into India just like they are paying for the inventions and research they get from Israel.  Nobody's doing nobody a favor. 

Some of us can understand the bull for what it is.... CRAP, nothing but.

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