Thursday, December 8, 2011

Democracy in Egypt .... Caliphate style. "Democracy is heresy" says the Salafi Party

HAHAHAHAHAH .... take that you stupid secular youth of Tahrir Square who thought you were too smart because you have those university degrees but actually you idiots know nothing about nothing. Obama and Hillary, the architects of the Frankenstein Republic of Egypt, must be loving every minute of this rabid islam. It's what they wanted .... another mad muzzie land unleashed on the borders of Israel.

Democracy is heresy because it contradicts the principle of allegiance that was used after the death of prophet Mohamed, whereby people choose their caliph once and then remain loyal to him, said the Salafi Nour Party at a rally in Giza.

The party called the campaign of the liberal Egyptian Bloc a campaign of “Zionism” and “Freemasonry.”

“We must obliterate the liberalism that was introduced by Sadat and Mubarak and reinstate the rule of Islam,” said Shaaban Darwish, a member of the party’s supreme committee.........

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