Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Austria .... gone to the dogs .... very rabid ones

This ruling by the appeasing Austrian lawmakers, who in their colossal stupidity coupled with  an inherit anti-semitism built in their DNA, will not only make Elizabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff's name go down in history as one of the first women to be slapped with an irrational judgement by lickers of muslim butts, it will also mean, among other things, that members of the EU will stand in a never-ending queue to punish all truth tellers about this hateful cult  in order to taste more muslim butts.

Henrik Clausen writes on the implications of the recent ruling re. this shameful ruling out of Austria.

....The implications of this are huge, for how are we to speak out against the tradition of child brides that still exist in many Islamic countries if we're not even permitted to express any ”excess of opinion”, as defined by the Court? Would we have to run every possible criticism or sarcastic comment past the Court for approval before it is made public? What are people whose e livelihood consists of satire and mockery – stand-up comedians, satire magazines – supposed to do if they come across the idea to mock religiously sanctioned sexual relationships with minors, or those who justify them?

Also, according to the Courts of Austria, we are supposed to avoid the term 'paedophilia' when talking about old men having sex with prepubescent girls. For, according to the Court of Austria, 'paedophilia' denotes the urge to have sex with under age girls, not the actual act of doing so. Further, if these sexual relations continue until the girl reaches maturity, calling the relationship 'paedophile' is an excess of opinion that cannot be permitted. One wonders what Mr. Fritzl thinks of that decision.........

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