Monday, December 19, 2011

Car dealerships with terrorist ties

I trust and hope our guys at the  CSIS are  taking a lesson from the developments down south and are looking minutely at the car dealerships owned by Canadian muslims because a good scheme like this has the very real probability of  being used  here too.  Driving schools, car dealerships, auto workshops .... far too many here in Ontario owned by muslims ... who's to say they are all legit and above board.  At the bottom are two links. Check them out for the list of dealership names .... some might have partnerships with their Canadian cousins, you never know.

They're making big time money and it's going right into weapons acquisition, terrorist training, recruiting, corruption. Things needed to carry out terrorist attacks across the world," said Rusty Payne of the DEA. "Some of that money is flowing back to the United States, back to these used car companies, to purchase more used cars to ship them to West Africa to sell those at a profit and then mix those used car proceeds in with the drug dollars."

The U.S. government says Lebanese financial institutions wired more than $300 million into our country. It was all part of a money laundering scheme that included 30 car dealerships like Ace Auto. DEA Agent Derek Maltz told ABC’s KTUL-TV that the wired money would go to these car dealerships to buy used cars.....

Lots more here and here

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  1. well, Money laundering is against the law in whole car, According to me, U.s cops should have taken some immediate action against dealers who are dealership with terrorist for doing money laundering. This gives rise to corruption.This problem result terrorist to attack across the world.
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