Saturday, December 17, 2011

Enemy at the Gates ... Part IV

The enemy is ready to storm the gates and come marching in to join others already inside.  Every gardener will tell you that if weeds are not nipped in the bud or uprooted completely, you are letting your garden be overtaken  by weeds whose roots will kill off every other plant not able to survive in the same environment as the strangling weeds.  Even those who are able to survive with the weeds, do so for just a little while longer than the other plants but their fate too is similar to the first casualties.  We never learn even from the easiest everyday lessons strewn all around us, do we?

Middle Eastern terrorists have infiltrated Latin American countries—especially Mexico—to plan an attack against the United States, according to an alarming exposé broadcast this week by the world’s largest Spanish news network.

The Univision documentary, “La Amenaza Irani,” (Iranian Threat), uses undercover, never-before-seen video footage to illustrate how Iran’s growing political, economic and military ties to Latin America threaten U.S. security. The videos were part of a seven-month investigation in which college-aged Mexicans infiltrated diplomatic circles in Mexico to obtain recordings that prove diplomats from Iran, Venezuela and Cuba planned a cybernetic attack against the White House, FBI, Pentagon and U.S. nuclear plants.

The documentary also features secret video taken by extremists linked to Iran and footage from an undercover journalist who infiltrated Venezuelan military camps where terrorists trained. The news network’s investigative team also tracked the expansion of Iranian interests in the hemisphere, including money-laundering and drug-trafficking activities by terrorist groups supported by Iran......

Unfortunately, the documentary  has not been translated from the original Spanish.  Below is part 1

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