Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Obama gifts Americans to the OIC so they can be lashed any which way ...

wonder how many lashes an American citizen will get for calling him a "fucking muslim prez" who is probably not even a legitimate prez of the USA.  It's unbelievable that  an American president would invite the rapid muzzies to American soil to discuss how best to stitch up the lips of Americans or cut off their tongues?  This is the worst president ever with the worst administration the world has ever seen in the White House. Unbelievable. November 2012 is not coming soon enough .... not for American patriots and not for those  who want America to stand up straight and strong.

The 57 members include Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Syria, Somalia, Nigeria, Yemen and all the other usual suspects  who are not only human rights abusers, but these same cavemen countries chant, scream and plot on a daily basis how best to kill Americans primarily and then Jews and Christians.  What a traitorous administration to invite such scum to discuss the fate of free speechers in the USA and the world at large !!   Each and every one in the White House should be impeached. What's happened to the Americans?  If Obama and his gang have gone crazy bonkers, have the rest of America also lost her dignity, her pride, her everything?   Is everybody in Obama's administration so far gone on the path of no return?  

If this man gets re-elected, we will know for sure that the earthquakes, floods, volcano eruptions and other natural phenomena taking place around the world is responsible for turning humans into crazy brainless nobodies. 

Starting on December 12th in Washington, DC, a meeting is being held that jeopardizes freedom of speech as we currently understand it in the United States. The Obama Administration has invited the 57-member Organization of Islamic Cooperation ("OIC," formerly, The Organization of the Islamic Conference) to a meeting of "experts" to discuss the implementation of a UN resolution ostensibly targeting "religious intolerance." Now, even if by combating "religious intolerance" the resolution were just targeting actual violations of freedom of religion (READ: violating rights, not hurting feelings), it still should raise a few eyebrows that the OIC is behind the resolution and was invited as a partner to these meetings. The Jeddah-based OIC includes as its members such "champions" of human rights and religious freedom and tolerance as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, and Iran.

But the catch is that the resolution isn't about protecting freedom of religion. It is about limiting freedom of speech and expression......

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