Sunday, December 18, 2011

And so it starts in Egypt just like it did in Afghanistan, by destroying all symbols of non-muslim culture

In Afghanistan, do you remember the Taliban destroying the mountainous Buddha structures?  In Egypt, museums and libraries are being looted and burned. Let your mind keep an image of the burning library as shown in the link. Many more pics like these will follow in the ensuing months and years and within a very short span of time the pyramids will be reduced to rubble.  It's a blow to the entire world to see Egypt's history being destroyed and a very important country going to the Caliphate .... and going so soon.

Don't ever forget that it was the muslim prez of the USA, Barack HUSSEIN Obama and his witch Hillary Clinton who are the real architects of  the new Egypt.  What a legacy !!!

A fire that engulfed the building of the historic Egyptian Scientific Institute on Saturday morning has been extinguished. The extent of the damage has not yet been determined.

The fire started on the lower floors of the building, which is on Qasr al-Aini Street in central Cairo, but later reached the higher floors. The firemen, who arrived very late at the site, could not initially control the fire.

State news agency MENA said that firemen eventually managed to control it, but state TV reported that the fire damaged the whole building and all of its collections.........

.....The institute is considered the oldest scientific institute in Egypt. It was established as L'Institute d’Egypte in August 1798 by Napoleon Bonaparte during the French invasion of Egypt. Its mission is to advance high quality research in various fields, ranging from biology and mathematics to fine arts and archaeology. Its library contains more than 200,000 books, including the original volumes of the "Description de l'Égypte" (Description of Egypt), begun in 1798 by French scientists in Egypt......


  1. The burning of the Egyptian library sounds like the destruction of the Sanskrit Vedic Universities by the brutal Islamic invaders in Ancient India (which included Afghanistan, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh) and the slaughter of 80 million Hindus by Islamists. Professor Swami was fired recently at Harvard University for speaking the truth about Islam in India when Muslim sympathizers complained. Ruling Congress Government of India had whitewashed the above truth to get the 20% Muslim population votes in India.

    I wonder if Ob(s)ama has converted to Islam secretly. He seems to love the Hama-linked Muslim Brotherhood as brothers.
    He sure is the laughing stock of the same "Brotherhood".

  2. You are so right Asha.
    Harvard University has lost all credibility with the disgraceful step they took re. Prof Swami for speaking nothing but the truth. Speaking the truth is the new crime in a "muslim-strong" environment of today. But we have to continue doing it come what may.
    Individually, if we can make at least 1 person see the truth, we will have accomplished a lot collectively.

  3. Obama was born a muslim and I have not seen anything that shows he was baptised as a Christian.


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