Monday, June 6, 2011

UK's fate is written in stone .... they wrote it themselves

Further to this in the Telegraph UK there's more today on the same issue but this time taking aim at the universities where radicalism festers and grows.

A little bit too late wouldn't you say?

The UK has been sleeping blissfully while oil-rich moslems from the middle east bought their castles from bankrupt lords, barons, dukes and what not and even their churches were sold to the highest bidders so they could be turned into either mosques or residences for moslems. Something like this does not happen overnight .... the cancer was eating away for at least two decades and now it's too late to save England without an all out civil war and much bloodshed.

We here in Canada should take heed and acknowledge truthfully the sole reason why they have a bleak future ahead of them.

Will Jason Kenney and his boss come to their senses soon enough to save Canada from the  fate that awaits England?   Will they put a stop to moslem immigration to Canada or will they vacillate and go uh..uh...uh... and preen and pander for moslem votes and throw the country to the wolves... literally?  That's the question every patriotic Canadian should ask of their govt.

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