Thursday, June 30, 2011

The destroyer of America, Earth's best nation being demolished while we watch dumbfounded

We often wonder how one man, Hitler, could do all the damage that he did. We often say, nobody in our enlightened times of the present era will ever let something like that ever happen again. Really ? Really ? Are we blind to what another "one man" Obama is doing to not only America but to the world? The article below from the AmericanThinker should be read in full.

....His goal is "fundamentally transforming the United States of America" into a nation where social justice reigns and injustice is counted as fairness and equity. He seeks a nation of redistribution where those who succeed through hard work, honest enterprise, financial investment, time, energy, and risk are rewarded with government confiscation of the fruits of their labor. His is a country where communication systems, travel corridors, and private property are tightly controlled by the State. It's a country where education is state-run and curricula are state-mandated. In a fully implemented Obama-nation, it would be illegal to pass the accumulation of one's lifetime on to heirs. This is the America of Karl Marx's dreams.

Barack Obama does not sound like an American because Obama's heart and soul are not American in nature. His thoughts are not American. His attitude and philosophy are not American. He cannot speak from the heart about America because America does not reside there. With a Muslim upbringing, a radical family, radical mentor, a myriad of radical connections, radical advisors, a radical theology, and some say a radical spouse, it's no wonder.

Obama's agenda is informed by Marx and guided by years of close associations with extreme individuals and groups whose stated goals are the demise of America and America's influence in the world. When he says he wants to "fundamentally transform America," he is dead serious.

For the first time in all of American history, we are at the mercy of an un-American American President.

May God truly bless the United States of America.

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