Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cocaine anyone ?

Sure, why not. If you want to abuse your own body and make a mish-mash of your brain cells ... sure ... go ahead.  However, don't depend on the taxpayer funding your dying years in a rehab. If people want to buy legalized drugs, I think a  law should be introduced whereby those individuals pay double the cost of the drugs, with the extra money going towards a fund that will take care of their drug ridden and wasted bodies at a  later stage (read that as when they are dying).

I am a strong advocate for legalizing drugs .... all kinds. I don't understand why Conservatives get themselves in a twist over this issue. Just untangle yourselves from those goody goody sunshiny ribbons and think of it as letting more lefties drug themselves into zombies who won't even know that there are elections going on ... when they are going on.    You know what I mean !!

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