Sunday, June 5, 2011

Here's another prediction from yours truly

Behold the next Prez of the USA

Here's the continuation of the above vid. Hannity keeps trying to get her to admit that she will run.  

And, here's the  next Vice-President

Here's his latest speech at the Faith & Freedom Coalition held a couple of days ago.

Only after these two stalwarts are elected to take their rightful places at the helm of God's good earth, our planet will shift back to what is right and logical and all will be well with the world.


  1. Great prediction! I would vote for that ticket if I lived in the States. They must be the two most honest politicians in the USA and I believe they are their to help their country rather than themselves.

  2. Excellent. As palin continues to embarrass herself everywhere (except, of course, among the dimmer ultracon bloggers), I was afraid you'd quietly stop plugging her. Glad to see you'll continue to demonstrate the same level of intelligence right up till the bitter end.

    Love and kisses,

  3. Yeah whatever ! We'll see who is proven right ... if she runs.

    BTW ... a reader tells me that on a lefty board somewhere, some lefty has made a comment about "Dodo Can Spell" being an anti-semite blogger. The reader said that I used to have that same commentor posting comments at my blog but the reader wouldn't give me the name ... lefty reader, needless to say. I immediately thought of you ..... perhaps you are innocent and I am being mean as usual. I didn't think Dyslexia was also one of your many failings.

  4. Are you asking me if I think you're an anti-semite? No, I don't think you are. Good grief. You said something weird ages ago about the Mayor of New York, but I think you were just expressing displeasure in a somewhat hyperbolic way, as you are occasionally wont to do. But you don't strike me as anti-semitic at all.

    And neither am I, by the way.

  5. Ok ... so it wasn't you. Someone, somewhere is trying to mislead somebody, and of course that someone must be from your lefty camp. Oh well.


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