Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saudi Arabian women with cojones

What these women in Saudi Arabia are doing to escape from their shackles warms my heart. I wish them every success. The armies of the West cannot change the internal traditions of the moslem countries, only the moslem themselves can bring about that change. Our armies going there on the pretext of helping those folks is all baloney. If they care about their freedom they will bring about the change themselves.

When Maha al-Qatani settles into the driver's seat of her family's baby blue humvee these days, she goes through a familiar routine: a glance in the rearview mirror to ensure that her headscarf and face veil are on right; a whispered prayer; and a reassuring pat of her Coach handbag, stuffed with all the essentials for a possible prison stay — toothbrush, deodorant, comfortable clothes and prayer rug.

She may need them. On June 17, al-Qatani made history by becoming the first woman in Saudi Arabia to receive a traffic ticket. She sees it as a badge of honor, proving that she defied a prohibition on women driving in the kingdom and, she hopes, paving the way for more women to do the same. Still, the possibility of prison remains. "If no one sacrifices, no one will get their rights," al-Qatani said on the day of her maiden drive in Saudi Arabia.....

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