Thursday, June 2, 2011

Glenn Beck is Israel's best friend

One of the most emotional shows from the immitable Glenn Beck. Thank God for people like Glenn Beck who stand for Israel in this our largely anti-semite world.  Even Jews are against Israel.  I have lost three "friends", two Jewish friends and a Jamacian guy I always thought was a gentleman ... because I sent them news about SUN TV and to watch the channel .... they hate SUN TV and our PM.  All three told me to fuck off ... but not exactly in those words. What is going on with these kind of people?  Anyway that is another story but it made me depressed and sad for a couple of hours.  Then I looked on the bright side and said to myself  "Losing such ":friends" is actually a blessing in disguise.".

Watch this show .... find the time. Glenn Beck show of June 2

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