Sunday, June 5, 2011

PM needs help in naming tabby cat

I am gonna suggest "Dodo" .... yeah why not?

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has faced accusations of being a control freak, but he's ready to delegate at least one responsibility - naming the new kitten at 24 Sussex Drive.

The prime minister's Facebook page features photos of the tiny pet in need of a moniker.

"Happy to have a new Harper at 24, he's a grey tabby and needs a name, vote for your favourite," reads the post on the site.

The frontrunner, Stanley, was winning by hundreds early Saturday evening. The name likely captured the imagination of a country in the throws of Stanley Cup fever and would suit the obviously athletic kitten, pictured viciously attacking some string.

Smokie comes in second, followed by Earl Grey, Gandalf, Griffin and Vingt-quatre, which is French for 24.

Another popular option Canadians are suggesting in the comments is Major - short, of course, for majority.

The Facebook poll is open until Monday...

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