Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oh look, look ... see how sweetly the moslems assimilate with other Canadians ...

even in soccer. Isn't that great , isn't that a WOW?  Give them a big applause ...so what if they have hijabs or turbans or some shit on their heads ... it's a change we should all be happy about. After all it's all about that beautiful word "multiculturism". You can take moslems out of ther cavemen countries, but you can't take their satanic ideology out of their DNA.  White men ... just give up and admit defeat. You have lost your countries to the evil side.  Now, hit your foreheads to the ground and let's see your butts up in the air.  Good .. that's better !!

A Quebec teen who has been told she can no longer referee soccer while wearing her hijab says she’s going to fight the red card.

Sarah Benkirane, 15, said her Montreal-area soccer association informed her she could no longer referee games wearing her traditional Muslim head scarf after someone filed a complaint with the league.

Benkirane, in her second season as a ref for the Lac-St-Louis Regional Soccer Association, was told religious symbols like hijabs may not be worn on the pitch.

But the teenager insists she’s not going to give up on her summer job that easily..............

via: CIR

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