Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Who will fall first to the crafty invaders .... Germany or England ?

I am placing my bets that England will go down first because the large majority of Englishmen have turned into wavering pansies of both kinds. I can see first hand, here in Canada, the kind of English blood that has been watered down from the heroes who fought the Nazi regime .... and the new generation of men descended from England are ill-equpped mentally to handle the moslem hordes. Yup ... you might not like it coming from a new immigrant like moi ... but I know what I am seeing in Canada .... and it does not look good. If things are looking that bad in Canada .... how can England withstand what's bound to happen there pretty soon. Their will have been eroded by at least two decades of stealth jihad.

Robert Spencer sends out a warning to Germany after his visit to that country.  Very interesting.... visit the link and read the entire article.

Spencer says: Germany is on the Brink: In Stuttgart, Germany, last week, violent Leftist and Islamic supremacist demonstrators violently menaced anti-jihad activists – giving a sobering picture of where Germany, Europe, and the U.S. as well are headed if we don’t stand up and resolutely defend our freedom now.

Thursday afternoon I spoke in Stuttgart at the invitation of the human rights group Pax Europa. The event was well advertised, and so the thuggish Leftist/Islamic supremacist alliance mobilized and was out in full force.

About a thousand protesters from the frequently violent hard-Left Antifa group showed up, along with around 500 German riot police. “Antifa” stands for “Anti-fascism,” but if any fascism was on display, it was from the “anti-fascists,” who did their best to destroy the Pax Europa event. They were menacing people, starting fights, banging drums, blowing whistles, and chanting Leftist and Communist agitprop slogans. One young man from Antifa came up to me as I was standing right in front of a line of German police and said, "You're lucky there are so many police here today." He was not expressing solidarity..............

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