Friday, June 10, 2011

What other pigsty will the Left think of wallowing in next ....

will we be entertained with the number of times Palin and her family make trips to the rest room on a Monday through Sunday and what they consumed at breakfast and for lunch and so on. What the Left has done today concerning the emails from Palin during her tenure as the Governor of Alaska, will backfire on them BIG TIME. This maligning and foul treatment of a person, never before seen in the entire history of the USA, will spell out in additional fans for Sarah Palin which in turn will materialize in tens of thousands more votes for her .... if she decides to run.  The presidency is hers .... I hope she comes to that realization.  The Left is in it's dying throes and it's beautiful to watch them writhe and groan all over in the pigsty of their own making.   Die Lefties Die.

Even CNN the numero uno tool for the socialist Obama were unable to come up with the kind of dirt they should expect only in their lefty domain  and nowhere else.

via : TheRightScoop and thanks to the new Conservative answer to the other video site that was getting too big for their lefty boots ....

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