Friday, December 6, 2013

The many mistakes the Harper govt is making that will minus the total from the votes they expect to get come the next election

The policy decision on Ukraine is just one of the many blunders these self-declared mini-gods have made in the last few days.

Canada has no business interferring in the politics of the Ukraine or EU to the extent that a Foreign Affairs minister goes waltzing in the midst of anti-govt. protestors in Kiev.   Foolish move Harper!   How would the Canadian govt. like it if Ukraine decides to send "election monitors" for our byelections?   What right does Canada have to interfere in Ukranian byelections?

From Globe&Mail: 
.....Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird   says he will address growing concerns about the violence in Ukraine when he meets with officials from other European countries in Kiev on Thursday.
Ukraine is locked in a political crisis after President Viktor Yanukovych decided to suspend talks on a long-awaited deal with the European Union, citing political pressure from Moscow. The move sparked massive protests in Kiev and throughout the country, leading to violent clashes in recent days........

From CBC:
Canada to send election monitors    for Ukraine byelections.  Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird says Canada remains committed to long-term democratic development in Ukraine despite its recent tilt toward Russia and the violence that has spilled into its streets.
Canada will still send two dozen election monitors to the country's byelections scheduled for next month, following last year's contribution of a 500-member observer force.
The teams of observers are not solely a Conservative phenomenon; Former Liberal prime minister John Turner led a large team of international election monitors to Ukraine in 2004.....

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