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Truth Teller Sue-Ann Levy .. hated by the rabid Left of Toronto

I love truth tellers.  Hats off to Ms Levy.  Levy's article below is from Nov.26.  I love the way she has gone Shakespearean in one of the paragraphs.  If you don't know your  Shakespeare ... too bad .... I am not gonna point out to you where exactly.

Posting this article of  Levy in it's entirety here at my blog because I want easy access to all  the names involved in the conspiracy to turf our mayor from an office we the 383501 Torontonians voted him to.

 ....It goes to show   just how petty the left-wing faction in this city can be when their mouthpiece — the Toronto Star — lauds, on their front page yet, the nasty piece of work behind Mayor Rob Ford’s ouster as a “hero.”
I’m talking about professional leftist Adam Chaleff-Freudenthaler, who brought Paul Magder and Clayton Ruby together to bring down Ford in a conflict-of-interest court battle, and whose tentacles with the left-wing at City Hall and the leftist press are far-reaching and downright cozy.
The labour relations specialist for the association representing Ontario civil servants claims on his Twitter feed he’s a “non-profit exec” and “an advocate for strong communities and accountable government” — although with all of the plotting he seems to have done behind the scenes in the past two years, one wonders how he manages to earn a living.
(He IS a union employee, mind you.)
A self-important girly-man who is the first to whine when someone dares attack him, Chaleff-Freudenthaler was a regular fixture around City Hall when David Miller was in power.
Efforts to reach Chaleff-Freudenthaler were unsuccessful Tuesday. (Guess he didn’t think I’d give him the same treatment as the Star.)
He actually learned his activism at the knee of NDPer Olivia Chow as part of her Toronto Youth Cabinet.
But he really thrived under Miller, not only regularly and openly lobbying his left-wing friends on council but cosying up to pal Janet Davis, who sat with him on the Toronto Public Library Board.
He also used his bully pulpit at Spacing Magazine and on Twitter to attack anyone who disagreed with his view of the world, most especially the Fords.
In 2008, he wrote in Spacing that Councillor Mike Del Grande used me as his puppet to “plant” a budget question — forcing my then comment editor Rob Granatstein, who regularly interacts with the activist on Twitter, to correct the record.
His self-righteous submission to the May 2011 edition of Spacing on why he petitioned for an audit of Ford is worth a read, if only to see how much this guy thinks of himself.
In 2010 when he ran for school trustee in my ward of St. Paul’s, (a race which he thankfully lost) he counted would-be and former councillors Kristyn Wong-Tam, his old mentor Chow-Chow, Joe Mihevc, Maria Augimeri and Howard Moscoe as contributors to his campaign.
Mihevc and Chaleff-Freudenthaler go way back, seeing as the activist presides over a drop-in centre located in Mihevc’s Wychwood Barns pet project.
He also got sizable donations from four unions, most of them representing teachers.
But what really stands out is that Magder and his partner Fern Mosoff both donated to his campaign. Magder, the v-p of operations at Iris Power LP, and Mosoff, a federal civil servant — who live on tony Rushton Rd. where houses go for more than $1 million, gave $100 and $400 respectively.
Max Reed, who with Chaleff-Freudenthaler launched that compliance audit of Ford, also donated $250 to his failed campaign.
Chaleff-Freudenthaler was bounced from the Library Board last year and I’m convinced he never forgave Ford.

It wasn’t bad enough that Ford sidelined the activist’s pals on council and his union friends. But for heaven’s sake, Chaleff-Freudenthaler could no longer heave himself around the halls of City Hall pretending someone actually gave a hoot what he thought.
That’s when the payback began — the compliance audit of Ford’s election expenses, the conflict-of-interest court case and a complaint to integrity commissioner Janet Leiper last July that Doug Ford said an “intimidating and bullying kind of phrase” to him.
Leiper, who runs in the same circles and has made a mockery of the “integrity” function at City Hall, was only too happy to give the petulant little crybaby some air time — forcing Doug Ford to apologize three times before the leftists agreed they had their pound of flesh.
There’s no doubt in my mind that Chaleff-Freudenthaler used Magder as his cover so as to not seem vindictive towards the mayor (not that it worked).
There’s no doubt in my mind either that the Great Man, Clay Ruby, was starved enough for attention as of late to want to take on the conflict-of-interest case pro-bono.
If there’s one thing about vindictive leftists like Chaleff-Freudenthaler and his network of friends on and off council, they have the staying power, a willing left-wing press and the time (because most live off the public teat) to connive and plot.
They were united in their collective mission to get rid of Ford.
They were also petty enough to follow through on their mission, democracy be damned.

All of the above, if you have two cents worth of grey matter up there on your top floor, smacks of a conspiracy of the vilest kind.

Meanwhile.... Christie Blatchford writing at TheStarPhoenix is doing her very best  to tell us that the rabid Left didn't need to  conspire to turf the mayor, it's in their nature ... at least that's how I read it.  (Yup.... I can see that Blatchford is trying to cool the flames of anger emitting from Torontonians at large .... sadly that ploy won't work, Ms Blatchford !)

Though the notion of a “left-wing conspiracy”   has a certain appeal, the truth about the people who brought down Toronto Mayor Rob Ford – at least temporarily – is that they are, rather, cut from the earnest, activist, gentle cloth of the committed urban dweller and correct Canadian thinker......

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