Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christians finding their long lost balls ?

Let's wait and see.   Don't hold your breath for too long....although two Christian world leaders have "confessed" that they "pray" don't forget that they are where they are  because they are firstly; lying politicians   and secondly; because they will say and do anything to get your vote.  

Are these two leaders feeling guilty that they are supporting the Muslim Brotherhood whose unholy quest is  to rid Christians from the Middle East???  You can bet your bottom dime they are not !!!

Its not the so-called Christian leaders who will fight back ... it's the little people like you and me who will resist the persecution of Christians and who will fight on behalf of Christians in non-Christian lands.  Our leaders, especially these days, seem to be empowering the very forces bent on the extinction of Christianity in the Middle East and Africa.

GlobalTVCalgary interviews PM Stephen Harper
 Prime Minster Stephen Harper prays regularly,  just like most religious people, he said in a one-on-one interview with Global National’s Dawna Friesen. “But at the same time, as a political leader in a multi-faith country, I try to be very careful not to look like I’m trying to impose my particular theological views on our country,” he said.

Cristina Odone writing at TheTelegraphUK about PM David Cameron
  ....Christmas, and the fightback begins. Christians have stopped turning the other cheek and are beginning to reclaim this country. For years, now, members of the majority religion in Britain have been humiliated by child abuse scandals involving their priests, have listened to the mocking of the media, have been squeezed to the margins by calls for multiculture and equality legislation. They no longer dared their crosses, or speak of their faith at work. As for praying for someone, sending them to the devil was more acceptable.

Now, the tune is changing. Listen to the Prime Minister, quoting St John, if you please, about Jesus being grace, truth and love. The Christmas message from Downing Street has never been so self-consciously Christian; in fact, Cameron was positively American in his insistence, like Barack Obama, on praying with, and for, us......

....Already, outsiders are conscious of a new, fighting mood among the once supine faithful. It's not only politicians, who are now conscious of Christian voters. The media too is beginning to review their former hostility.....

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