Saturday, December 29, 2012

On lambs and the wilfully blind and mightily stupid

There's only one outcome for such fools ... the chopping block and I don't mean the kind where you lose your job but the kind where you lose your head. Archbishop Lahham of Jordan should not take things for granted ...obtaining more than a third of the seats is a cause for alarm and not a matter of pooh-poohing the results.  The Muslim Brotherhood are masters at stealth jihad.   Can you imagine that if educated individuals can vote by a third for an islamist party, what sort of a percentage of the illiterate will vote for the same ?

It's people like Archbishop Lahham that has let Christianity down by underestimating the power of the islamists.  It's largely because Christianity has always taught us to be meek as lambs and just as trusting that we are losing ground.   GRRRRRRRRRRRRR !!!  Does not work.  We need militant Christians to battle what's coming and we need militant priests and nuns.  Idiots like the Archbishop have had their day.  Instead of alerting the populace of this outcome and what it bodes for the upcoming public elections,  the man wants to hid behind  false confidence.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

 Amman (Agenzia Fides) - The results of the elections of student representatives   have just been celebrated at the University of Jordan. There was no tension, the representatives of Islamist forces won 36 of the 94 seats, adding the 33 seats won by the candidates voted individually to the three seats (out of nine available) obtained by the lists on a proportional basis. 18 thousand students voted, with percentages that exceeded 63 percent of the university population for the vote expressed in favor of the lists. 

Reasons of public interest of the university election consultation is that it was carried out with a voting system very similar to that, on the basis of the Electoral Act 2012, will be in force for the imminent parliamentary elections, scheduled for next January 23. In Jordan, the Muslim Brotherhood has so far confirmed the decision to boycott the elections in order to express their dissent against the electoral law, which in their opinion would have been artfully calibrated to foster political forces close to the Hashemite monarchy.

Archbishop Maroun Laham, Patriarchal Vicar for Jordan of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, does not give the test of the university vote particular political significance: "Here in Jordan," says Archbishop Lahham to Fides Agency "the Muslim Brotherhood still continue to keep a low profile, especially if one takes into account what is happening in Egypt and Syria, and given the fame and the political clout that the Muslim Brotherhood are taking in all the Arab countries. To obtain a third of the votes in the university elections is certainly a good result, but it is not a triumph."

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