Monday, December 17, 2012

Propaganda, truth, half truth, outright lies, half lies .....

confusion all round.   This is war in it's infinite glory !  Humans reduced to mere puppets in the hands of  politicians. Propaganda is a vital tool in the art of war.

Why don't more people feel nauseated that our Judeo-Christian  nations are helping the islamist murderers in Syria carry on with their unholy work aided with sophisticated weaponry from the West???  Have we become so blind to the truth because of our apprehension, dread or hatred of Iran?  Would Iran have been a problem now if that blasted Jimmy Carter had not been such a pussy when  insanity first reared its ugly head in Iran?  Would Iran have been a problem if the blasted Obama had voiced his support for the student uprising in Iran of  a few years ago?  Inaction, non-action, wrong action by the USA has given the world the mad Iran of today and for that a country like Syria is being destroyed ????

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