Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Love in the vegetable aisle

Who knew one could  fall in love by just looking at  "eyes" and go on to propose marriage without looking at anything else?!!    The purpose of posting this item is not because of the "love story" but to bring your attention to how France is monopolizing  all types of trade with the Sunni Arab nations.  France and UK are the two main Euro nations vying with each other for a bigger slice of the pie in those countries and will whore themselves into extinction within the next few decades.  It's not just the oil they are after .... the trade agreements with the Arab countries bring lotta  money .... but at what cost ?    Neither of these two are able to say  "No" when Saudi Arabia and the other Sunni nations tell them to supply weaponry and go to wars on their behalf as and when required.  It's a  tangled web.  I hope Canada refrains from any such sticky trade agreements with these nations.

The vid below is of one of France's Carrefour supermarkets in Jeddah.  The shopper is not happy with the "frozen" cucumbers.  Yup ... I laughed too.

 ....If Tom Cruise climbed the Eiffel   Tower in Paris to propose marriage to Katie Holmes, a Saudi man chose to exchange rings with his fiancé at Carrefour supermarket in Sulaimaniya, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on Thursday.
The supermarket was where they first laid eyes on each other, the Saudi Gazette reported this week. 
“You can find love in the most unexpected places,” said Khaleed Al-Maeena, Saudi Gazette’s Editor-in-Chief, adding that “Saudis are romantics at heart. The world should know that we are like other people with the same needs and emotions like others.”

On that fortunate day, Abdulla Alanazi, exchanged rings with his fiancé at the French supermarket, witnessed by other employees.
The report also added that the French Consul General Louis Blin was a witness to the momentous event. Rumors say the consul general himself has blessed the wedding, according to sources who attended the ceremony. 
However, the French Consulate in Jeddah denied the reports to Al Arabiya, saying the Saudi press misinterpreted the presence of the consul general, who was present at that time because of the inauguration of the “French Week” in the Carrefour branch in Jeddah. 
In a photo published by the Saudi Gazette, the consul general was shown holding a toast glass—with juice in it – smiling as the groom puts the ring on his fiancé’s finger......

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